Allied Health professionals

Eldon Davey, Certified Pedorthist Canada (Specialist in Custom Orthotics and Custom Bracing)

Eldon Dave has 33 years of professional experience helping patients with various Orthotics needs. He has worked extensively with sports medicine, diabetic, and arthritic patients, starting his career in 1985, Eldon worked with Forzani’s Group as a Pedorthist, eventually branching out to become the owner/operator of Lindsay Park Orthotics in Calgary (now Life Mark) where he specialized in sports medicine. In addition, Eldon gained valuable experience with the difficult foot, diabetic foot, and chronic pain conditions, while working with Calgary Foot Clinic. He also worked at the Stanton Hospital in Yellowknife for 18 years, which they were recognized by the Diabetic Association of Canada for their work. Eldon is currently Chair for the Social Media Committee and is a former Director of the Pedorthic Association of Canada. Eldon was previously on the investigation committee for the Canadian College of Pedorthics. Eldon enjoys following his passion for music and plays locally as bassist and singer.

Swati Girap, Registered Physiotherapist

Swati is a licensed Physiotherapist in Canada registered with Physiotherapy Alberta College and association. She has earned a Master degree in Physical Therapy specializing in Orthopedics ( musculoskeletal injuries ) from the University of Mumbai in 1999. And a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Mumbai in 1997.
Swati has over 13 years of experience in various fields of physiotherapy which includes 10 years of experience with sport related injuries, as she worked with athletes at Bahrain Sports Medicine Centre for 10 years.
She has worked with patients with many conditions, including: musculoskeletal injuries/impairments, neuromuscular conditions, chronic pain, and issues associated with aging. She strongly believes in and incorporates a variety of treatment techniques specific for the client to reach their treatment goals. Her treatment techniques include Joint mobilizations, soft tissue and deep tissue release techniques, Kinesiotaping, athletic taping, individualized exercise prescription, electrotherapy modalities, and educating patients to give them the tools they need to succeed after therapy has concluded.
Swati enjoys working with a wide variety of population, ranging from adolescent to young adults to geriatric population. Swati provides individualized, one-on-one treatment and develops exercise programs geared toward the level and goals of the patient. Her focus is unwaveringly on the needs of her patients. She is certified therapist for dry needling and pelvic health.
Swati values patient-centered, individualized care and believes a strong professional relationship as a key to optimize the rehabilitation environment. She desires to ensure that each of her clients can have an active and healthy lifestyle. In her spare time, Swati enjoys exercising, hiking, playing badminton, getting involved in various cultural activities and volunteering.







Types of foot pain

Foot pain is a common complaint among recreational or high level athletes, as well as everyday people. Foot pain can interfere with regular day-to-day activities and can be associated with acute or chronic conditions. There are many foot pathologies which can affect different parts of the foot.

What treatment options are there?

There are many different treatment options for foot pain. This will vary depending on the severity of the symptoms, previous treatments, cost and individual preference. Interventions may include medications, surgery, stretches, ultrasound, footwear modifications, foot orthoses, or any  combination of these.

What are foot orthoses?

An orthosis is an externally applied device that is used to correct body alignment or deformity, minimize discomfort or pain, distribute pressure or assist in rehabilitation. Foot orthoses are specially designed shoe inserts that can be custom-made for the individual from either a cast or an impression box. Alternatively, foot orthoses can be customized from a pre-fabricated base product and tailored to
the individual.

Who provides foot orthoses?

Pedorthist are tertiary qualified Allied Health Practitioners who are trained to assess and treat the physical
and functional limitations of people using orthoses. Pedorhtists
combine clinical expertise with knowledge of biomechanics,
physiology, anatomy and materials science to treat a wide range of foot pathologies.

How can foot orthoses help?

Some foot problems occur due to abnormal foot posture and some are due to the presence of disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or osteoarthritis. The way the foot orthosis works to help relieve pain will be different according to the underlying Abnormality. Pes planus (flat foot) is a general term used to describe feet with a visually lowered medial (inside) arch which can occur with hind foot eversion (rolling in). Pes planus can contribute too many lower limb pathologies including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, and midfoot/great toe osteoarthritis and tibialis posterior tendinopathy. Since your feet are your foundation, pes planus can also contribute to lower back, knee and hip pain. Foot orthoses support the rear foot, midfoot and forefoot.

Assessment and costs:

We will cover a brief history, do an injury assessment, a full foot assessment including bio mechanics, range of motion, assess the lower extremity, and do a video gait analysis. We will do footwear review and recommendations. If you go ahead with a foot orthotics a mold will be taken of the foot. The orthotic will be manufactured at our lab in Calgary. You will book for a fitting. The cost for all this is $450.00 to $500.00 all inclusive. You will be provided the reports and receipt for insurance company’s if needed. If I do an assessment only the cost is $100.00. Appointments are booked for one half hour. Payment will be due after the assessment.

If you wish to discuss further call Eldon at: 403 614 8329 or visit our website: